GIALLO authorized dealers

Official GIALLO websites and online distributors

The most common brand and product violations occur online, and the websites selling counterfeit GIALLO products are wide-ranging. Some are poorly designed and use poor quality or incorrect images. However, sometimes it can be difficult to determine if the sites are legitimate or not. They may use GIALLO even in the name of the site, use copies of the official images or may even have a link to our official website, trying to convince consumers that they are official GIALLO sites. GIALLO has 5 official websites, which are: a corporate website, Amazon México and Mercado Libre México, Linio México, and Claroshop MX.

GIALLO is also present on other platforms, such as Facebook and Instagram.

Please note that we do not authenticate jewelry products purchased from unauthorized stores or online distributors.

GIALLO does not authorize any of its stores to sell GIALLO jewelry on any internet auction site and only guarantees the authenticity of products purchased through its authorized GIALLO dealers. Individuals may sell GIALLO items from their personal collection, but they are not covered by warranty and the purchase of GIALLO products on Internet auction sites is at your own risk.